ADSL to Ethernet Circuits From £17.99 / month

ETS partners have been specifically chosen for their state of the art broadband networks allows connections ranging from standard ADSL products to highly secure wireless technology and high bandwidth Ethernet circuits (lease line replacements).

ETS know that VoIP and SIP technology  is becoming essential to any business and as such as has designed it’s data network services with this in mind. Utilising the latest broadband technology, all of our connections prioritise voice over any other type of network traffic increasing VoIP call quality.

By using ETS broadband services with our hosted VoIP offering, any voice traffic is directly connected to our core network and therefore does not pass via the open internet. Again this increases call quality and reliability.

In addition to our broadband offering, ETS can also provide high-speed Ethernet circuits connected to our own network to offer larger businesses access to our voice and data networks. These fibre optic or EFM copper-based products are backed by the major UK carriers and offer exceptional reliability and throughout.

Internet peering is also vital for offering high data throughput. Our partners have peered on the Internet Exchange LONAP. This brings many of the UK and worldwide websites closer to our network allowing more direct and faster connections to LONAP peered member networks.

The following list shows a sample of peered networks:

  • Amazon
  • BBC
  • Google
  • Thus

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