Broadband Faults

We Can Diagnose ADSL2/2/+ Broadband Faults

Get the truth from and independent tester.

We all know the main time-consuming problems encountered when trying to diagnose broadband faults, repairing them and how painful it can be trying to get an ISP to take responsibility for the fault. What are the main things the ISP’s say?

  • The router must be faulty, plug another one in
  • The extensions must be damaged, replace them and try again
  • The filters are faulty, replace them and then try again
  • The problem must be internal it’s all fine from our end.

It’s enough to make you want to go back to dial-up.

At ETS our ADSL/2/2+ Broadband Testers allow us to confidently take on such work and test ADSL lines in the same way your ISP engineer does but in less than half the time.

Our charges are usually half the price of the ISP’s and we provide a professionally printed report of the work we have done.

ETS can test your ADSL/ADSL2+ lines rapidly and email the results to the Service Provider’s to show exactly what and where the fault is – Eradicating frustrating call centre battles and pushing the ISP’s to fix the fault for nothing.

We all know that all Service Providers, whoever they are (BT, Talk Talk or Sky etc) often deny there is a fault with the service, even though the internal wiring has been tested.

Most ISP’s charges range from £200 (residential customer) to £400 (business) to send an engineer to diagnose (and sometimes fix) a fault that we are often able to diagnose for £50.

What we test for:

  • Line Voltage
  • DSL Layer
  • Line Attenuation
  • Noise Margin
  • Line Rate
  • PPP/IP Layer

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