Calls And Line Rental

Discounted calls and line rental

ETS Networks are a supplier of lines and calls to businesses throughout essex and the southeast.
we manage our own billing system and collect by either direct debit, bacs or cheque. we are also members of the fcs.

In these times of austerity, all local businesses need to cut costs but without risking service interruption. At ETS Networks, we can match the rates of any recognised national supplier whilst retaining a personalised approach. We do not use call centres. All calls are handled by our own staff between the hours of 8 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday.
Whether you are looking for a capped rate or an all-inclusive fixed package of just a better price than you are getting now,
call us free on 01206 656001.

Discounted calls and line rental backed by the UK’s Leading Tier One Networks.

Analogue Phone Line

£ 10
  • Save at least 10% compared to BT
  • Competitive call rates
  • No disruption to your service
  • Great value with free transfers

ISDN2 Phone Line

£ 23
  • Increased clarity for voice calls
  • Individual direct dial numbers
  • Business quality communication
  • Great value with free transfers

ISDN30 Phone Line

£ 13
  • High performance voice and data
  • Ideal for 8+ ssers
  • Advanced digital solution
  • Individual direct dial numbers

What Does It All Mean?

Carrier Preselect is a term relating to the process where by a customer whose telephone line is maintained by one company, usually BT, can choose to have some of their calls automatically routed across a different telephone company’s network
( e.g. ETS Networks) without needing to enter a special code or add special equipment.

Wholesale Line Rental is a service in which a telecommunication operator takes control of all the connections made through a telephone line from the native operator and collects the subscription fee from the customer.

  •  Local loop un-bundling (LLU or LLUB) is the regulatory process of allowing multiple telecommunications operators to use connections from the telephone exchange’s central office to the customer’s premises. The physical wire connection between customer and company is known as a “local loop,” and it is owned by the incumbent local exchange carrier (also referred to as the “ILEC,” “local exchange,” or an Independent telephone company)

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Most LLU operators only un-bundle the broadband service leaving the traditional telephone service using BT’s core equipment (with or without the provision of Carrier preselect). Where the traditional telephone service is also unbundled (full LLU), operators usually prohibit the facility where selected calls can be made using the networks of other telephone providers (i.e. accessed using a 3 to 5 digit prefix beginning with ‘1’). These calls can usually still be made by using a 0800 or other non-geographic (NGN) access code.

As of 14 January 2006, 210,000 local loop connections had been unbundled from BT operation under local loop unbundling. Ofcom had hoped that 1 million local loop connections would be unbundled by June 2006. However, as reported by The Register, on 15 June 2006, the figure had reached only 500,000 but was growing by 20,000 a week. Ofcom announced in November 2006 that 1,000,000 connections had been unbundled. By April 2007, the figure was 2,000,000.

By June 2006, AOL UK had unbundled 100,000 lines through its £120 million investment, making it the largest single LLU operator in the UK market.

On 10 October 2006, Carphone Warehouse announced the purchase of AOL UK, the leading LLU operator, for £370m. This makes Carphone Warehouse the 3rd largest broadband provider and the largest LLU Operator with more than 150,000 LLU customers.

On 8th May 2009, TalkTalk, who are owned by The Carphone Warehouse, announced that they would purchase ailing Tiscali UK’s assets for £235 million. Once this purchase has been completed (it still needs to be approved by the EU) it will make TalkTalk the biggest Home Broadband supplier in the UK, with 4.25 million home broadband subscribers, compared with BT’s 3.9 million.

Voice telephony is available in many different forms. From traditional voice-based services to digital and IP voice solutions; there are many choices for business telephone systems.

ETS Networks is a supplier to business in Essex, of lines and voice calls using the latest developments in both telephony and IT technology. We can combine all our services together to offer a ‘one bill’ solution for extra customer efficiency.

Unlike other telephony suppliers, Essex Telephone Systems experience in managing voice and line services allows us to offer a fully automated solution. From ordering, progress and account management to fault resolution; we cover it all.

ETS Networks purchase high volumes from the UK’s leading tier one networks in order to achieve low-cost telephone charges for our customers. Our customers, therefore, benefit from carrier-grade quality and a carrier-grade Service Level Agreement backed by a UK wide engineering force whilst also benefiting from less cost and more personal and effective service.

By offering only the highest quality of services, your calls are fast, clear and trouble-free. We understand how important it is for you to communicate.

To try out our Services Call Free on 01206 656001.