Hosted Telephone Numbers

  1. It’s portable! If you move, you can take your number with you and while your moving, you can point it at your mobiles.
  2. You can change the destination of your call via the web
  3. You can point your hosted number to ANY land line or mobile (Nationally or Internationally).
  4. You can choose which area code you want to use (01,02,03 or 08)
  5. You can have a number that’s memorable or relevant to your business
  6. Before you answer your phone, You can see who’s called you or see which of your hosted numbers your caller has rung!
  7. All call stats are held online – in the cloud, and can be viewed anytime
  8. Instant disaster recovery if your land line goes down
  9. Keep your existing number too.

Set up takes minutes and services usually include a voice mail, hunt groups, out of hours message, diverts on busy and fail over
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